Welcome to the Go3point0 Brand & Design company based in Barbados

Go3point0 is an official invitation to explore the best experiences around our beautiful island of Barbados. From the smallest corner shop to the largest company, we want to entice your potential customers while expanding your brand’s reach and visibility. Take control of your image and online presence with a platform that is for the people and by the people. Everyone can benefit; from budding entrepreneurs and established business owners to locals and tourists alike.

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We are so excited to have you be apart of this new experience. Looking forward to working with your business helping you choose from our variety of customized services. Here at 3.0 we create your ship for you to be your own captain in this competitive sea of digital media.

So come on, let’s go!

Delandro Taylor

Delandro Taylor

Delandro Taylor is the 3.0 Brand and Web Designer with a Masters Degree in Graphic Design from the AI Miami International University of Art & Design. Having designed over 100 websites and crafted dozens of brands that have reached from Barbados to Hawaii.

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